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Doclabs offers multiple solutions to enhance your documentation and gain insights into the user experience.
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Interactive Tutorials

Interactive tutorials are hosted to guide your users through your product, enabling them to learn in an engaging and easy-to-understand environment.


Tutorials are hosted by DocLabs and can be deployed to a custom domain. We automatically add analytics, SEO and everything else needed so you don’t have to.


Create your markdown tutorials and code examples, then push them to your own repository. We'll handle the rest.


Support for web or test outputs. You have the ability to control the theme and branding.


Robust analytics for documentation. It highlights areas for improvement and helps drive adoption and retention.

Powerful Insights

Collect both qualitative and quantitative feedback from your readers. Monitor changes over time and across various versions of your tool and documentation.

Cross Platform

It is compatible with any existing documentation framework, from Docusaurus to Nextra. If you have built something custom, that's not an issue. You can use our Javascript, React, Vue, or Svelte libraries.

Fully Customisable

Our UI components for feedback are completely headless. You can bring your own styles to match your site's theme. By combining different components, you can create feedback flows that perfectly suit your needs.